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About me


I am really passionate about creating ceremony. This is why I have dedicated myself to my business Bespoke Ceremony. I called it Bespoke Ceremony because each ceremony I write is tailor made and original.  I aim to make sure that every phrase in your ceremony is perfectly pitched to suit  you  personally. I ensure that every Bespoke Ceremony reflects the wishes and celebrates the story of the people it is written for.  I will take time to get to know you so that you really feel moved and your guests are delighted. I have a relaxed approach that will help you enjoy the process of going through all the ideas to make your ceremony unique and memorable.

Thank you so much for considering me to create the ceremony for your special celebration. Whether you want me to write a celebration to Welcome a Baby, a Wedding or a Celebration of Life, you will see that I delight in attention to detail, and in finding ways to reflect  all of your wishes in your ceremony. I will also give you ideas to help make your ceremony unique. I will gently guide you through the many choices so the carefully crafted ceremony reflects your individual tastes and personalities.

I have a degree in English and take great care with my use of language. I am a mother of  three fantastic children and have quite a few cats and two lovely dogs. I adore going for long walks in the beautiful local countryside. I also enjoy growing vegetables , sewing, writing poetry and travelling around Scotland. I have lived in Fogwatt, near Elgin for twenty years. I was born in England but have spent all of my adult life living in Wales, Ireland and Scotland. I am fascinated by old traditions and I find they really help add to the depth and variety of what I can offer in ceremony.

Bespoke Wedding Celebrant
Bespoke Wedding Ceremony

I have always loved nature and find many people talk about enjoying outdoor activities together as a special relaxing time where they can share the space and time with the one they love. I will incorporate small details like this into your ceremony. Other people might bring focus to how they hope their two sets of children will learn to accommodate one another and grow as a family together. When we meet we will talk about a great many things, so hopefully those things that matter will be celebrated by the ceremony. I am passionate and dedicated to my work. I look forward to helping you create a beautiful ceremony, whatever you want it for!

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