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"Thank you for the most awesome ceremony ever. You got Alan and I captured perfectly, we're delighted you were able to give everyone a wee insight into what our life together with the kids is like. We just wanted everyone to feel the love and laughter we share​​ and you totally personalised our wedding and captured us to a T! Sarah went over and above what she had to, couldn't have asked for more" Emma and Alan Craib

When Emma asked Alan what song reminded him of her, he said 'Run for the Hills!'  So we played it when I asked for the rings. The family and guests loved the cheekiness of the joke.

"Thank you so, so much for such an amazing wedding ceremony and handfasting. We were overjoyed with them and we had a lot of people commenting on how unique and fun it was. What you put together for us really did echo how we felt, who we were and how we wanted to celebrate our wedding day. You were so laid back and relaxed which was exactly what was wanted on the big day and it certainly helped us to set our minds at ease"

Jeanne Ozanne 

"I wanted to thank you for such an incredible Wedding ceremony. The guests had such an amazing time and told us it was the most special, magical and meaningful weddings they had ever seen. They loved the call to the elements and I don't think I ever got to tell you, I most definitely heard a distant rumbling in the air when we called for the air element. It was so cool. We will never forget our beautiful wedding in Skye at the Fairy Glen, you did such an excellent job. It was the conscious marriage we dreamed of."

Katherine and Payam Borgazi.

Photo by the very talented Lynne Kennedy

Wedding, Belladrum Festival

"I just read our ceremony and I can't stop crying. It is so wonderfully us and perfectly Dr Who'ed. The bit where my son asks his step Dad to be his Daddy is just what we all wanted. There will not be a dry eye in the place. I am really looking forward to the big day in the Temple at Belladrum now! We really appreciate the time you have taken to make sure it reflects us perfectly as a family."

Sara and Tommy Milligan

" Sarah was wonderful as our celebrant. absolutely the right choice for our Wedding and Handfasting. She was very flexible so we could balance our pagan leanings with our concern for the comfort of our more traditional friends and family. She was able to create a ceremony that truly reflected who we are and gave us the day we dreamed of. I cannot recommend her enough!"

Donna and Donald Gillies

"A huge thank you to Sarah for a superb job of crafting and delivering our ceremony. It was wonderful from start to finish. The guests enjoyed bringing their stones to place in a circle, to make a circle of love for us to get married in. It felt very special to stand among all their support on our  big day. The stones came from all over the world! The children loved joining in with the Sand ceremony and we were really happy that they could all get involved. Sarah was really fantastic at listening to what we wanted and finding out about us and the ceremony perfectly reflected who we are and celebrated our love so joyfully it made our day and made a beautiful start to our marriage."

Tina and Nils Falkner Elders

"Thank you so much to Sarah for making our wedding day so special. The ceremony was so uniquely us, we are so pleased that the beach stayed dry and  we could enjoy the relaxed wedding we wanted with the wind in our hair. The day gave us a chance to make so many special memories with family and friends, we are still smiling now!"

Lara and David Beach

Photo by my gifted friend and colleague at Jo Miller Photography

Wedding at Nairn Beach

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jen and I are so very happy to be Handfasted! We adored the three wishes ceremony you created. Tying the ribbons on the wishing tree and jumping the besom made it so perfect! It was so us. Sarah really is a legend!"

Jen and Phil

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