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More Ceremonies

Welcoming a Baby

When a baby or child comes into a family it is a wonderful chance to celebrate with friends and family. A ceremony can be made to welcome them and to wish them all the luck,  joy and love the world can offer. Choose the modern equivalent of Godparents, if you would like ,to especially support your child as they grow. Find a ritual that suits your beliefs to enhance the ceremony with my assistance. Your guests could write their good wishes for the baby on stones and they could be put into a special blessings box to treasure. The Sand Ceremony could be included with each layer of sand carrying good wishes for the child's future. A tree could be planted.  I will help create a magical memory for your family and friends.

Bespoke Ceremony
Bespoke Ceremony

Life Events

A major birthday like a 40th or 60th can be celebrated with a party for family and friends including a ceremony to celebrate reaching such a momentous stage of life. Your child may be coming of age or have graduated university and you want to do something very special for them. You can also celebrate retirement and dare I say it, divorce. Recovery from a long illness might be another thing you want to shout about. Getting a new home can be a wonderful time to cleanse and bless the house. Together we can create a house warming to remember! I have been asked to write pet funerals and have even 'knighted' a dog. It really is entirely up to you. It is your ceremony and it can be made for anything you please.

Whatever the life event, I will be happy to create a ceremony to help you celebrate!

Celebration of Life

When someone's life is over and there is a funeral or memorial held, this can be beautifully written so that it is truly a celebration of the fullness of the departed's life. Their personality and cherished memories about their life will be included in the ceremony. I will support you as a family in this difficult time so the ceremony reflects your wishes and beliefs. We can include anything in the ceremony and make sure it is deeply personal. 

Music will be carefully chosen and sometimes a slide show is put up during the reflection. I will help you to choose readings that resonate with you. 

I am happy to make the ceremony very personal without including any beliefs. Or I can include any beliefs, prayers, or faith you wish.

Bespoke Ceremony
Bespoke Ceremony

Funeral Wishes


If you would like to make it easier for your nearest and dearest when you pass away you might want to consider pre planning your funeral.  It is a great relief to the family when it has already been decided whether it will be a cremation or a burial for example, or if the plot has already been organised. The service will fully reflect your wishes if you yourself have carefully chosen the stories, music and readings that you want included. You could even write your own Eulogy, you will know your life story better than anyone else could.

Contact me if you would like to discuss your funeral wishes.

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