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Where and when - Your ceremony can be wherever and whenever you like. I am very happy to travel and want you to be content that the ceremony was perfect for you. If you want to get Handfasted under the full moon by some standing stones, I will be delighted.

Support - I will be a calming support before and during the ceremony. I will help you with any questions you might have and make it as positive an experience as possible.

Script - You will see the ceremony before the day and have free reign to edit it  until you are completely happy. I will send it to you by email.

Contact - You are free to have as many conversations with me as you need to. This can be done face to face, by phone, email or skype. Usually we would meet to talk about the ceremony at least once.

Speaking - Often people ask how much they will need to speak. You can get married by just saying two words, if that is your wish.

How Long - The ceremony, if it is a wedding or similar will probably be less than half an hour. If you specifically want it short and simple it can be under quarter of an hour.

Vows - I will help you with your vows. You can write them yourself and I can assist with this, they can even be a surprise to your partner on the day. Most people decided to find the perfect vows, I will assist you in your search for the perfect words to express your love. I will send you lots of ideas and hopefully we can work with some of them to make the vows really memorable.

 I got married and Handfasted in my garden, where I met my gardener husband. This is me in the photo above. We both read, 'The Garden' by Michael Poynder  and stood in a circle of daisies on the lawn.

I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Wedding Celebrant in 2010 by the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. I have enjoyed working ever since doing a huge variety of ceremonies. I love the inclusivity of being able to write ceremonies that fully express the beliefs of the people they are for. I am happy to write your ceremony so that it is deeply personal. You can choose to have a very personalised ceremony without any spiritual or religious reference. Or you can celebrate your beliefs or spirituality and include them in the ceremony. I can blend elements from more than one faith if you come from different paths. I am very flexible, I will follow your lead. Your ceremony will be exquisitely unique.


Please feel free to contact me and talk about what you would like to include in your Bespoke Ceremony.

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