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Your Wedding, Vow Renewal, Handfasting, Civil Partnership, Elopement or Commitment Ceremony  will be Bespoke.

What I mean by 'Bespoke' is that your Wedding Ceremony will be designed especially for you, fully personalised. It is the pivotal part of your big day. The moment you begin your lives as a married couple. Let a Bespoke Ceremony, custom made to suit your wishes, be the highlight of your Wedding day. An event you and your guests will always remember. Great thought is put into every other detail of your day, so let me help you make sure the ceremony is authentically personalised, meaningful  and memorable. The ceremony will be carefully crafted and delivered by me.

It will be carefully tailored to suit your tastes, personalities and beliefs. I will give you advice and gently guide you through the choices. This is a chance to share your very own love story with a ceremony created to celebrate your unique relationship. I will share some readings and vows to help inspire you. You will be guided to choose the ideal ring blessing that suits you and your ceremony.

A Wedding is a truly exquisite union of two people in love. This intent can be beautifully enhanced by  any of the optional additional rituals. This includes Handfasting, The Quaich, The Oathing Stone, the Unity Candle and the Sand ceremony. Any ideas you have about what you want included in your wedding can be carefully incorporated. You can also choose the tone of the ceremony, it can be romantic, traditional, fun, family orientated or even themed.

When you take each other's hands and make your vows you will be looking joyfully into your partners eyes as you hear the words they have written or personally chosen to pledge their love to you as your spouse, as the personal part of your vows.

A very short, simple yet personal ceremony is available if you simply want to tie the knot and commit to loving one another. A simple 'I do' ceremony would be up to 15 minutes long and a bit less expanse.

Legalities: Your Bespoke Wedding Ceremony or Bespoke Civil Partnership will be fully legal. I really love the declaration at the end of the ceremony when you are pronounced man and wife, or partners for life! When we meet I will explain the process of getting the paperwork required from the Registrar nearest your wedding venue. You will have to organise getting the marriage schedule which is signed at the end of the ceremony, or just after. When that has been signed you will have legally tied the knot! I am a fully authorised wedding celebrant.

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