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 Celebrate the exquisite union of your love as you choose to commit to one another. Great care is put into making each Bespoke Ceremony authentically personal, memorable and meaningful. Your ceremony will be unique. I am flexible and open minded.

I will include any belief or none, any tradition, ritual or theme that you would like.

There are many types of ceremony to celebrate your love. I will be delighted to create a perfect and legal Wedding, Civil Ceremony, Wedding Blessing,  Vow Renewal, Handfasting, Elopement or Commitment ceremony.

Please look at the Wedding page to see the options for your ceremony of loving union with your partner.


Sometimes a ceremony might be required to celebrate and welcome the arrival of a baby into the family, for a major life event like a 60th Birthday or for celebrating retirement. A house warming could include a ritual for clearing and blessing the new home.

Ceremony is also important when it comes to a Celebration of Life. When someone dies, their funeral or memorial can be crafted to respectfully express the fullness of their lives. The love and appreciation you had for your loved one will be  crystal clear  on the day you share with family and friends to remember them. A good funeral can help support those left behind by truly  honouring the one they have lost.

Let me create a beautiful, personalised Bespoke Ceremony that you will never forget.

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